ClearCorrectClearCorrect is a transparent, removable tooth aligner that is an alternative to the traditional metal dental braces. ClearCorrect has been made in America since 2006 and allows people to obtain straighter teeth with a clear aligner that can be taken out at any time. This product is completely transparent, making them more difficult to detect, and is popular with both dentists and patients.

Due to the removable nature of ClearCorrect aligners, your oral hygiene can be maintained in the same convenient method as always. You wear each set of aligners throughout the day and night, removing them to brush, and floss in a normal fashion. This also allows you to eat and drink whatever you want!

Drs. Leo and O’Shea can help you determine if ClearCorrect is right for you. They will take into account your individual needs and desired outcomes in order to formulate the right plan of action for your unique situation.

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